Delicious Meals in Minutes with Cardinal Ready

butter chicken meal

I try to serve my family a variety of healthy meals, but planning ahead is not necessarily one of my strong suits. I get busy and forget to take something out of the freezer, or I don't watch the clock and don't realize that it's supper time and I haven't even started preparing anything. I'm embarrassed to admit how often that happens! In order to ensure we still eat well, without ordering out, I try to keep some ready to prepare meals on hand. Cardinal Ready has just what I need. Cardinal Ready makes a line of fully cooked menu items that make it easy for you to serve your family a delicious meal in a hurry. They offer the following: Pulled Pork in Chipotle Sauce Farmer’s Sausage Meatloaf Pork Steak Slow Cooked Diced Beef Chicken Breast Butter Chicken Pork Back Ribs ...

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Be ready for anything when traveling #GettheMostOutofLife

mexican cuisine

As a frequent flyer, I know the value of being prepared. There isn’t anything worse than spending your vacation sick in your hotel room. Over on the Shoppers Drug Mart hub, I shared my list of travel essentials to ensure a worry free vacation. Be sure to pop over to the Life Brand hub to see my recommendations as well as more health and wellness information for travelers and others! ...

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Creating Beautiful Communities with the Ontario Tire Stewardship

rubber patio

Many years ago I went to a retreat at a nature resort. They were years ahead of their time in terms of sustainability and we were treated to a tour of the facilities and the efforts they were making. The trails had a unique feature that stood out for me; they were created entirely from recycled rubber. This was the first I had heard of this at the time, but today it is more common than ever. Instead of filling up landfills, Ontario Tire Stewardship ensures old tires are being recycled to create useful rubber products like rubber mulch, rubber paving, rubber bricks and Acoustic Underlay & Carpet Pad. Ontario Tire Stewardship also created the Community Renewal Fund. The fund awards eligible Ontario-based communities and organizations up to $50,000 towards the purchase and ...

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