My Husband: An Equal Partner and Parent #ONatural

Mike and Griffin

Historically, a Dad's role with the kids has been downplayed. Men are painted as the providers and not the caretakers, but that is a stereotype. Men are just as capable of taking care of their children as their wives! Here are some of the things that my husband regularly did or does with our children. Changing diapers. My husband didn't shy away from diaper duty. In fact, I think he may have changed more diapers than I did! Getting up through the night. I was a breastfeeding mom so I needed to be up with the babies most of the time, but that didn't stop my husband from getting up and bringing them to me when they cried. Cleaning up vomit. It's a terrible job and no one wants to do it, but it's often part of being a parent. I'll do it, but I'll choke and gag the whole time, so ...

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OneNote gives special needs students the edge they need


My son just finished grade six. It hardly seems possible that he is preparing to start grade seven in the fall. Even though it was a million years ago (okay, not a million...but several), I remember the transition into grade seven very well. It meant switching to a new school, getting my first locker and being assigned a gym uniform for the first time. Advancing to grade seven today means being assigned your own tablet*, learning usernames and passwords to access the many online services required, and of course getting that notorious gym uniform. Technology has dramatically changed how children learn, not just in grade seven but in all of the grades. Students can tackle research quickly from their computers or tablets and they can collaborate on group projects using ...

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Read Day and Night with the Kobo Glo HD


As a kid I was always an avid reader – I would dive deep into a full series of books and sometimes wouldn’t emerge from my room for hours since I was so engrossed in the stories! Somewhere along the way, as I grew up I lost that habit for reading. I guess life just got busier, and I was always out and about, unconcerned with indulging in the world of reading. I remember going on my first week long vacation with my now husband, and bringing along a few books to read on the beach. I think that triggered my love for reading again, and I while I can’t hide away for hours with a good book anymore, I’ve decided to make reading part of my daily routine. While I’ve always loved the physical feel of a good book in my hands, let’s face it – books can be pretty inconvenient. They started piling up ...

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