My little Grumps starts day care tomorrow. He will go two days a week, and Kel and Ave go to grades 2 and 1 respectively starting next Tuesday. This means that twice a week, there will be no children in the house! The only downside is that I will be at work and won’t get to enjoy the quiet, empty house. I see sick days in my future.

I just learned that this year our school will be completely nut free. I have no problem with this, and if my child had a nut allergy I would expect everyone to deal with it, but I’m having trouble coming up with lunch ideas.

I have the pickiest kids in the world. Last year they ate peanut butter bagels every day.

They don’t like sandwiches.
They don’t like vegetables.
They don’t like yogurt in their lunches (it is, however, fine at home).
They don’t want anything hot.
They are not allowed anything in packaging.
They do approve of lunchables, and very graciously suggested I just buy them, open them and put the contents into other containers…but cost, health and a mean streak prevent me from doing this for them.

So I’m at a complete loss as to what to feed them. I could just fill the lunch bags with cereal, but I’m not sure the teachers would approve. Cheese and crackers are my own big brainstorm, but there has got to be more options out there.

I recently saw a blog entry that talked about bento containers, and they caught my interest, but I suspect they may not be available in Canada. I have never seen them anyway. I may need to do an ebay search…they could be just the thing to trick  encourage my kids to eat healthier.

So I’m off in search of lunch ideas…



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