Kel has a vivid imagination. This is great, except that he seems to blur the line between fantasy and reality. It’s usually silly things, like today he said to me…

“Mommy, remember the time when we saw some deer on the road and daddy had to stop the van and wait for them to finish eating?”

Ummmm….no, I don’t remember that. Maybe because it never happened.

He once asked me if I remembered the time I saw that huge car accident and I had to call 911 and talk to the police. Again, I couldn’t recall that.

Another time he asked Duck if he remembered the time they were in a parking lot and a car was doing donuts on the ice all around them. That one slipped our minds too.

Those are all innocent enough, although if you tell him that these things never happened, he insists that we are wrong and have simply forgotten these incredible moments. I don’t worry about his ability to conjure up horrific car accidents and tornadoes. He comes by it quite naturally. I am fascinated by natural disasters and admit to being one of the rubber necks at accident scenes, and I have a pretty good imagination…although I think I can distinguish between what I imagine and what is real (I hope!).

The problem with Kel’s imagination is that I don’t know what to believe. He constantly tattles on his siblings for various wrong doings, and it’s hard to know if he’s being honest. Last year he told me things about school that turned out to be untrue…like that he wasn’t allowed in the school talent show because he missed a school day in the weeks leading up to it. The truth was that he missed the first day of rehearsals and didn’t tell anyone he wanted to be in the show. I don’t know if he interprets a situation incorrectly and believes that what he is saying is true, or if he is outright lying. I need to take what he says with a grain of salt, while still showing him that I trust and respect him. *sigh* Being a parent is tough!



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