Since 1995, when my oldest son was 3 years old, I have maintained that three is actually the trying, testing, tantrum throwing age, not two like so many have claimed. Child #2 came along and confirmed my beliefs. Child #3 did not, but she was okay for two and three, and she was my only girl so I believed that this was yet another difference between boys and girls…girls just don’t throw tantrums! She is 6 now, and has made it her life mission to teach me how wrong I was on that point, but I digress…

Grumps is 2.
He will be 3 at the end of November, but that is far enough away to say he is defintely still 2, and has recently started being terrible your stereotypical two year old. He hits, kicks, screams, throws toys, answers “NO” to almost anything we say to him, and tests my limits on an hourly basis. I have been through this enough times to know that “this too will pass” and we will look back at it as a vague memory, but right now it is very real and very frustrating.
Tonight I put him to bed in a very wet diaper and the tshirt he had been wearing all day, because while trying to get him into his pajamas, he was kicking, flailing, rolling and fighting me every step of the way. I finally reached my limit and said “Fine! Go to bed like that.” and hauled him up to bed. He was shocked that I was actually putting him to bed with “no shorts” (he calls all pants, shorts) and proceeded to scream and throw things in his room. I retreated to my big chair and took deep breaths and meditated in hopes of not hearing him anymore, but he has far more stamina than me and I eventually had to gather up his new diaper and jammies and head back up to his room. I asked him if he would like his jammies on and he said he did, and cooperated fully while I dressed him properly for the night. Lots of hugs and kisses, and a sweet two year old “sorry” were followed by more screaming and crying when he was returned to bed (it was bedtime!). Thankfully, he was pretty tired and it didn’t last long. My real concern with Grumps is…

…what is he going to be like at 3?!



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