They are mine! With school just a few days away, we decided it was time to make these scruffy kids look a little more presentable.

First, we did the mandatory “Before” pictures.

If you are wondering why I would take the pictures in front of a marked up, coloured on wall, it’s because most of my walls are marked up and coloured on. Crappy builder’s paint and toddlers don’t mix. My dear Kool did most of the wall art in the house (not recently) and my little Grumps has recently decided to showcase some of his talent…on one of the few freshly painted walls, of course.

Anyway, back to the hair…

Kool was approaching the Bieber look (hey…did you know I am from the same town as Justin Bieber?! No, I don’t know him because I don’t hang out with teenage boys, but his uncle and I used to hang out many moons ago) and we just couldn’t have that.

 Wave has more of a hippy thing going on. Her hair was wet in the picture, otherwise it would be curlier. She wants long hair, but she doesn’t want to brush it…and she definitely doesn’t want me to brush it…so we negotiated a shorter cut. As long as she can still have a pony tail, she is happy. I think she’s cute as heck with shorter hair…something I learned after she gave herself a haircut two years ago.
Grumps has an interesting style going on. He hates haircuts and grooming of any kind, so when summer was approaching we decided to give him a buzz cut. He was adorable with his nearly bald head, but the super short top and long hair around the ears isn’t quite so cute. 
So I packed up the kids and took them to a super nice girl who lives a couple of blocks away, and she turned my kids into these beautiful little creatures…

Kel is sad because he wanted a tall mohawk and it is more of a faux hawk. I told the hairdresser he didn’t want it really short, but I guess she didn’t understand. Thankfully, hair grows!



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