While I was being puked on by a toddler today, my husband told Kellen he should be a doctor when he grows up (because he was being a good helper). Kellen’s response? “Or I could be a guy who puts pens together. I’m good at that.”

When Eric was little he told me he was going to be a janitor when he grows up. His reason? “They get to be in the halls at school all day and never have to go to class.”
I thought all little boys wanted to be firemen? Not mine apparently, lol. Eric wants to be a policeman now, but since he’s 18 I think he’s serious and that scares me a little. A janitor seems like a much safer choice. Neither option is one I would choose for him, but parents don’t get to make those choices.

What do your kids want to be when they grow up? What do you want them to be?



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