My husband snores. Loud. Really loud.

I’m convinced that it is actually his plan to keep the bed to himself at all times. I work nights 4 nights a week, so I’m only sleeping at home three nights, and it seems like I spend a lot of those nights awake and annoyed with his snoring, or sleeping on the couch to get away from his snoring. I wake him up and tell him to roll over (it’s the worse when he’s on his back, which he always ends up sleeping on), but that usually doesn’t even stop him.

We received the box of Breathe Right strips and I said a told my dear husband that he would be wearing them at night and hopefully it would save our marriage!

Night 1 – There was one point during the night that he started snoring this weird loud snore and startled me. I shoved nudged him to his side and he stopped.

Night 2 – No snoring all night!!!!

Night 3 – I was at work, so I can’t comment.

Night 4 – No snoring.

Nights 5, 6, 7, 8 – I was at work.

Nights 9, 10 – No snoring!

Night 11 – He did snore a bit tonight, but not the jarring loud snore that he usually does. A nudge got him to stop.

After 11 nights, I think that Breathe Right Strips have really helped! Since we have a two year old who often gets up through the night, and a 6 year old who yells out in her sleep, a full night sleep is hard to get and Mike can’t really say if he feels more rested since he started using them, but I know I am! I haven’t had to move to the couch once, and that is great.

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*I received no monetary compensation for this review. I was contacted by M80 on behalf of GSK and received a sample of the product to review and my statements are based on my own opinions and experiences. 



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