My little “Iffin” (as he calls himself) is three today. He isn’t interested in celebrating it though. If you so much as suggest it could be his birthday, he yells at you and says “NOT my birfday!”. Strange kid. I guess I could have saved a little money on a gift, but who knew he would have an aversion to aging so soon. Of course, he comes by it naturally. His Dad practically cried on his thirtieth birthday. I just don’t understand that. I was thrilled to be thirty, and I bet I was thrilled to be three too.

Anyway…whether he wants it or not, it is his birthday and what better time to share a birth story!

Exit all men.

Griffin is my fourth child. He was also my seventh pregnancy, since I lost three to miscarriage, so I wasn’t new to this whole pregnancy thing. With the exception of my first, who had to be induced early, my labour and deliveries had been notoriously quick. Kellen was born 3.5 hours after my first contraction, and Avery was born just 1.5 hours after the first contraction. I figure this is God’s way of making up for miserable pregnancies. Whatever the case, I was worried about a lightning fast delivery where I wouldn’t make it to the hospital in time. Our little town has a hospital, but doesn’t deliver babies, so we need to drive 20 kms to the next town to have a baby. It only takes about twenty minutes, but being strapped in a car during transition SUCKS, and the fear of delivering in said car, sucks even more.

All of my other kids, first included, delivered within minutes of my water breaking. I went from contractions, to water breaking, to delivery…so when my water broke in the middle of the night when I was full term with Griffin, it was definitely an “OH NO!” moment. I had been laying on the couch because I couldn’t get comfortable in bed, and at first thought I peed myself, lol…and then quickly realized it was my water. I hustled (ok, quickly waddled while trying to hold my legs together) up the stairs and woke my husband. He knew this was a “move your ass” situation, and he was out of bed and ready to go quickly. My MIL appeared out of nowhere and off we went to the hospital….with me sitting on towels and more shoved inside my pants. Thank goodness for stretchy maternity pants! By the time we got to the hospital I had soaked through everything again but I still hadn’t had a contraction.

We arrived at the hospital and they sent me to triage at Labour and Delivery. The nurse came in and said she needed to see if I was actually in labour. I assured her that it was time, but I guess she needed to see for herself. Finally my first contraction came, and in true form, they started strong.

The rest of my labour and delivery was very standard for me. Straight into transition, ready to delivery, couple of pushes and he arrived, just 2.5 hours after my water broke! Then I tolerated some stitching and finally held my little man. Griffin was my first chubby baby. He was 7lbs 14oz. and 21″ long. I know that’s not huge, but he had chubby little cheeks.

Griffin refused to sleep on his own, right from day one. He cried and cried when he wasn’t held, so I held him.  He is still a kid who loves to be cuddled and hugged, although we moved him to his own bed about a year ago. 
Today he went with me to get registered for kindergarten. On his third birthday! That’s just crazy to me. He will start next September when he’s still only 3, but hopefully he will be more prepared by then, because he definitely wasn’t today. He has his own agenda, and he wasn’t interested in following anyone else’s today. Oh well, it’s his birthday, he can be a pain in the butt, lol.



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