I live in a family of sports fanatics. My husband loves hockey, Kellen plays hockey and soccer and does karate, Avery plays soccer and does ballet, Eric played soccer when he was younger but now lets his musical talents take up his time, and Griffin just can’t wait to be old enough to join anything. Aside from swimming and track and field, I have never been very interested in sports, but I love taking pictures, so Fan Frames are the perfect addition to our household!
We received the soccer fan frame. I like that the soccer ball is soft and textured, but I am really impressed with how bright and clear the pictures are! The LCD screen is really amazing. Some stock photos are already loaded in the memory of this fan frame, but we could look at our own by simply putting a memory card in the side slot seen below. We could also load our own pictures onto the memory of the fan frame by using the USB cable that came with it. It has 16 MB of memory inside and you can of course store even more pictures by using a memory card.

The USB cable also attaches to an adapter so that you can either plug your frame into a computer or the wall. To operate the Fan Frame, there are a series of buttons at the back. You can set it to display a clock, a calendar or your pictures. It is very easy to use. I do wish it had the option to run on batteries.

I was a little surprised at the price of the fan frames. They are $59 US, which is more than I think I would spend on it, just because it is a novelty item that I would display in the kids’ rooms or in an office. They do have some great promotions on their website, so right now you could get one for $39 with free shipping in the US. 
Aside from the soccer fan frame, there are three other sport frames available: the baseball, the golf ball and the basketball.
To learn more about Fan Frames, visit http://www.fanframes.com/ or visit their facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/fanframes.


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