Cherry Valley Lodge

This past weekend, my family and I visited Cherry Valley Lodge in Newark, Ohio. My oldest son, Eric, wasn’t able to attend, so it was Mike and me, and the three youngest kids…Kellen, Avery and Griffin. Winter hit Ontario pretty hard last week, so we were a little worried about the 6+ hour drive with three children, but also looking forward to putting on our bathing suits and enjoying some time away from everything.

After our long drive, we approached the hotel and saw quite a sight! Look at those water slides jetting out of the side of the building! Cherry Valley Lodge is huge. I couldn’t get a picture of the whole thing unless I was up in the air, so here is a small section of it. The Lodge has several sections of building that are arranged in a a figure 8 with two courtyards in the middle of the circles. We were staying in section E.

water slides
Cherry Valley Lodge outside view


cherry valley lodge map
We weren’t sure where to check in, but we saw some other people coming and going from an entrance, so we stopped there to find out. It was the entrance to Coco Key so I thought I was going to have to go somewhere else to check in, but the woman at the desk was able to help us. She was very friendly and professional and had a smile on her face the whole time she helped the people before me and while checking me in. I asked about our family package and she said we would find everything in our rooms. She then gave me directions to our room, both driving and inside the hotel.

Our room was very close to the entrance that we came in (section E), but quite a walk to the water park, at least with a three year old who wanted to be carried. We were on the first floor though, which was excellent.

I love the layout of the rooms that we had. We were in adjoining rooms that were both double queen rooms.
Since my pictures don’t really show the room layout, allow me to walk you through it. After entering the first room (which became Mom and Dad’s room), I turned to the left and took the picture below of the first bed and the desk/table. When you look beyond the desk/table, to the corner of the room, you see the chairs and end table shown below. These are located in front of the patio doors that lead outside. You can also see the corner of the hutch that the television is sitting on top of.


Queen size bed Sitting area in guest room

Behind the hutch is the second bed, set back in a little alcove of it’s own. The television swiveled so we could watch from the chairs on the bed, a feature that the children really appreciated in their room. A couple of feet to the right of the second bed is the entrance to the washroom area. The sinks/counters on the the left and a door to the toilet and shower is on the right. The doors for the adjoining rooms are also located at the end of the hall.


Second queen size bed Adjoining Rooms
Once we were settled in, we got to really enjoy our time at Cherry Valley Lodge. Our stay was made more enjoyable by the simple things, like a refrigerator and coffee maker in each room. The rooms are spacious and their layout allowed everyone to have their own separate space, even though we were in the same rooms. There was plenty of drawer and closet space too. There were a few minor maintenance issues in our rooms though. One room was missing one of the closet doors and the exhaust fan in that washroom didn’t work. Neither of these were serious issues and they didn’t impact our enjoyment of the lodge. The beds, however, did somewhat damper things for my husband and me. They were not very comfortable at all, and left us feeling stiff and sore in the morning. The kids didn’t seem to notice or mind. Wireless internet was also included in the rooms and common areas…a really nice touch for computer addicts like myself!
We also appreciated the “gifts” left in our rooms. I am not sure if that is a regular feature or something just for us, but either way it made us feel special. We received these two baskets…they contained an XL t-shirt, flip flops, a stuffed parrot, a coco key cup, a frisbee, a stretchy frog and silly bandz. The silly bandz were the biggest hit and kids ran around showing off the new additions to their collection. The baskets also contained tickets for free cookies at the Gingerbread workshops, but somehow we missed the right times to get there and they didn’t get used (too much time in the water park, which I will tell you all about in tomorrow’s post!).
We also received 8 bracelets for Coco Key Water Resort, which I plan to post about tomorrow. These passes were good for the whole weekend, but we did have to keep our bracelets on in order to use them. The next time we go, I will make sure not to attach them too tight!
We ordered room service on Saturday night. The kids wanted chicken fingers, Mike had three mini burgers and I ordered the potato skins. The order came in decent time and the man who brought the food was very nice. We were watching The Santa Clause and he chatted with us about the movie. The tip and tax was included in the price, and all five meals still came to under $35…in Canada, that is unheard of! The kids chicken fingers came with happy face potato fries and a very full bowl of ketchup that they were all amused by. They ate most of the their food, which is a good sign with my kids. Mike really enjoyed his burgers and fries, and I wasn’t that hungry when our orders came so I left mine for a bit too long. Cold potato skins are not good. However, they looked good and they probably would have been find had I eaten them when they were hot. We did not have a microwave in our room, but I did notice one for everyone to use in one of the lobbies but that was long after I disposed of my cold potato skins.
At one point during our stay, my three year old took an entire glass of lemonade and dumped it on his brother’s bed. It soaked through the comforter and all of the sheets. It was after 8pm, so when I tried calling housekeeping, they were not there. I called the front desk and told him what happened, and he said someone would be there right away. In just a few minutes time, a very friendly and understanding woman came to the room and changed all of the bedding. She teased Griffin a bit for spilling his juice and didn’t seem to mind the inconvenience at all.
Overall, we really enjoyed our stay at Cherry Valley Lodge. Next time I will tell you all about Coco Key Water Resort and later this week I will tell you about more of the great things offered at Cherry Valley Lodge and offer one of my readers a chance to win a stay at Cherry Valley Lodge! Keep visiting for your chance to win!


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