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My family recently visitedCherry Valley Lodge in Newark, Ohio. Joined toCherry Valley Lodge, is theCoco Key Water Resort. The water resort was the main attraction for my kids. They have been talking about it for weeks, but they were not prepared for all of the fun they were going to find! The water park is over 50,000 square feet and it is full ofgreat attractions. I had a chance to glimpse some of the fun when I checked into the hotel, but the kids didn’t see any of it until we walked from our room to the water park area. When we entered the Coco Key Water Resort area, I knew what was coming…a cute store full of fun trip mementos to the right, anamazing arcade to the left, and around the bend to the right…the indoor water park.

Entrance to Coco Key

Our first stop was the arcade. It had to be, since this adorable little fire truck was right outside the door and there was no way Griffin was going anywhere but in that fire truck. He talked about it the entire time we were at Cherry Valley Lodge, and it was definitely the highlight of his trip. Eventually the huge arcade caught his interest and we headed inside to see what was there.

Ride on fire truck
The arcade had air hockey, video games, a photo booth, skee ball, basketball games and so much more. Griffin just ran from machine to machine pressing buttons. He was delighted and didn’t actually need to play the games, but Kellen and Avery wanted to play. Wepurchased an arcade card for $20 (you could buy them in smaller amounts, but we knew we would use it a lot over the weekend so we spent $20). With the arcade card we could just swipe it on each game. That $20 went a really long way! The kids played several games of air hockey, Avery was addicted to skee ball and Kellen could not get enough of the Fast and the Furious race car game. Avery and I took a turn in the photo booth and got some fun memories to take home with us, and Mike had fun playing the games too. Avery collected a lot of tickets that you could trade in for toys and she shared with her brothers so they each got some small toys before we went home on Sunday.
Playing air hockey


Playing the Fast and the Furious
The main attraction at Coco Key Water Resort is, of course, thewater park. It is over 50,000 square feet of water fun! When you first enter the room, there is a first aid station and a place to get towels. To our right was the change rooms and severalcabanas. Although there are a lot of tables and chairs in the water park, most were taken so we asked aboutrenting a cabana. They cost $75 on weekends but they had to be booked online in advance, so we weren’t able to get one. I will definitely be reserving one in advance if we make the trip again! They are in little alcoves of their own, with a table and chairs, television, refrigerator and locker.
Next to the cabanas was a pool for small children. It was shallow enough for my three year old to walk around and enjoy himself, and it had small basketball nets on the side so he could shoot hoops while in the water. It also had some small dump buckets in the middle and two little water slides coming into the pool. Avery really enjoyed this area too because the slides were fun and not scary at all. Next to the kiddie pool was a hot tub for the grown ups. It was fenced off so no children would accidentally make their way into it.


Parrot's Perch
Water slide at Parrot's Perch

Parrot’s Perch is the huge splash pad in the center of Coco Key Water Resort. It has water slides and sprayers and a huge water bucket that I had the pleasure of getting dumped on top of me, lol. That’s what happens when you don’t pay attention! They are sprayers that shoot out of the floor, cannons for spraying each other, small water buckets, little slides and a couple of bigger slides. The floor throughout the water park area is textured so that it is not slippery while wet. Kellen fell on it a couple of times and scraped himself up pretty good. The first time he scraped the tops of his toes (don’t ask me how that happened), but the second time he scraped his leg and the top of his foot pretty bad, so we had to leave to fix it up. It’s too bad they didn’t have the rubber flooring that prevents slipping but doesn’t cause such bad scrapes when someone does fall.

Behind Parrot’s Perch is a lazy river. This was Avery’s favourite thing. She would have floated around that river all day. It was a little more exciting than your average lazy river, because it had water spraying out at you in different spots, and places where you could pull a rope and make water spray out at other people in the water. There were double inner tubes and single ones, so you could go around by yourself or with someone. There are three huge water slides that you can see from outside of Cherry Valley Lodge. They are called Gator’s Gush, Barracuda Blast & Pelican Plunge.One is a tube slide and the other two are body slides. Mike was brave enough to go down the raft slide and he said it was awesome. I have never been down a big water slide and I didn’t get brave enough to try it while we were there.
Lazy River
Stairs to the water slide
On the far left of Coco Key is another pool for bigger kids. It’s a little deeper and had bigger basketball nets for kids to play while in the pool. Joined to it were giant lily pads with ropes above so that bigger kids could hold the ropes and make their way across the lily pads. There are life jackets all over Coco Key Water Resort, so I had my guys wear them when they were in this area (Avery and Griffin preferred to wear them the whole time we were there). They enjoyed swimming there for quite awhile, but the lifeguards eventually cleared out that pool to deal with a contamination.
Playing basketball in the pool
There are lifeguards everywhere in Coco Water Resort, and they take their jobs seriously. They are diligent in ensuring that the water rules are being followed and everyone is safe. While I think my children are my responsibility and would not rely on anyone else to ensure their safety, it was reassuring to know that there were so many lifeguards available and that all of the kids in the park were safe because of it.

Another great things about Coco Key is the food! You don’t have to leave the water park for meals or snacks because they havedining available right there. Pizza Hut Express, Calalloo Grill and Gator’s Grab and Go are all inside the water park area, making it convenient for families and it gives some of the adults something to do if they don’t want to play in the water.

You can read about all of theWater Park Attractions on the Coco Key Water Resort website.

Check back tomorrow to hear more aboutCherry Valley Lodge and some of the great amentities and features. You will also get a chance to win a visit of your own!


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