I didn’t think that anyone could be more attached to a cell phone than I am to my blackberry, until my son ran out and bought himself an iPhone 4 on the day they were released here in Canada. We want to protect our phones, so we were happy to get Natural View Screen Protectors from 3M for the iPhone and for mine and my husband’s blackberries.


The 3M Natural View Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 4 is made specifically for that phone. The package has two protectors in it, in case you need to replace the first one.


My Blackberry is not as new as Eric’s iPhone, so we required the Universal 3M Natural View Screen Protector that you trim to fit your phone. This graph type paper is included in the package to help you cut the protector to the right size. You can see here I mapped out my screen using the graph paper.


screen protector template

 I then cut out the shape onto one of the two sheets provided. It used less than half of one sheet. I didn’t take into consideration that the screen curves at the outside edges and should have cut my screen protector a little smaller. Here you can see the screen protector after I have cut it but before the backing was removed and the screen protector was used.

My husband cut his screen to the correct size, and this is his phone below with the screen protector adhered to it. If you look closely you can see that the screen protector is cut to basically the same size as the lit part of the screen. It has been on there for a few weeks and it is still attached and clean.

This is particularly beneficial for someone like my husband who is working at construction sites and his phone gets banged around a bit.

If you would like to learn more about 3M Natural View Screen Protectors, visit



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