In my quest to be healthier, I have been focusing on the failures a lot, so today I am going to focus on my successes.

I went swimming. I did a few laps and did some walking in the water. This is something I do with a young woman with autism, and it’s good for both of us because without her I wouldn’t be getting the exercise or making myself wear a bathing suit (something I find very difficult, especially at the local pool in my very small town where I always run into someone I know).

I didn’t take second servings for any of my meals today. Yay me! I know, it shouldn’t be that hard, but I often have seconds at suppertime, and I wanted to but I told myself to wait 15 minutes, and by then I didn’t want it anymore.

I drank my water. I like water, so it shouldn’t be hard to do, and it really isn’t…I just often choose beverages with caffeine because I’m always tired. So today I grabbed a glass of water when I wanted a pop or coffee (I still had coffee a few times or I wouldn’t be able to write this right now).

They are small victories, but they’re mine and I’m celebrating them!



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