We have a lot of game systems in my house, but the Wii is definitely the favourite with the younger kids. My son gets the most use of it though, since most of the games we have don’t really interest Avery. She was very excited to get to try this Hello Kitty Seasons game for the Wii…finally, a little girl’s game that is just for her! This game has cute characters, bright colours and fun mini games within it. It is exactly the kind of game that Avery likes…not too difficult and lots of pretty things. She liked that she could choose her character, and that she could talk to all of the different characters that she encountered.

Avery really likes Hello Kitty. She has a Hello Kitty lamp and various toys, so this game was perfect for her. I was worried that it was going to be too complicated because she is only 6 and not much of a “gamer”, but she caught on very quickly. Her character in the game is the Deputy Mayor of the town, and needs to complete various tasks assigned my Hello Kitty and other townspeople.

The arrow in the top right of the screen shows which way she needs to be going to meet her goals, which is very helpful. She makes the character move by pointing her magic wand (using the Wii controller) in the direction she wants to move. She was getting a little frustrated when the arrow would point in a direction she couldn’t move, but quickly learned that she may have to go around a block or a building before she could head in the right direction. It is good for problem solving!

When Avery’s character meets up with the townspeople, she has to talk to them to find out what she needs to do next. In the past, when we have played games that require a lot of reading, I needed to stay close by and read the parts to Avery. I am very happy to say that she is able to read most of the text in Hello Kitty Seasons without help! She needed help with some words, particularly names, but overall the language wasn’t too difficult and it was good reading practice for her.

For just $19.99, you can buy Hello Kitty Seasons for the Nintendo Wii.



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