A week, no exercise, some cake, a little pizza and a couple bowls of ice cream later….and I know it’s time to get my act together. It seems like the more I think about losing weight, the less I actually try to do it. I can make the excuse that Kellen had a birthday this week and we had to have cake and ice cream, or that Griffin badly sprained his ankle (we originally thought it was broken, that goodness it’s not!) and I had to focus on him, but the truth is…I just have no will power and I can’t do it without a plan.

So….it’s time to make a plan.

Step 1:

Move every day.

We just got a kinect for the Xbox and I think this is going to work out well for me. I played for 30 minutes yesterday, and I can feel it in my muscles today! This is exactly what I need, a fun exercise program that I can do in the house with the kids around. I like going for walks, but hate winter, so once the decent weather comes around again I will add that back into my plan.

Step 2:

Plan my meals.

I am in search of recipes that I can make in the slow cooker or ahead of time. I need food that my kids will eat too. I am a carb addict, so I need to choose low carb recipes. I love homemade soup and I’ve just recently started making my own. I hope to practice with more soup recipes soon, particularly because I can freeze it and have it whenever I want to.

Step 3:

Change my snacking habits and stop drinking my calories.

I am a coffee addict, and I enjoy my tea and diet pepsi as well. I don’t think I can give up any of these things, so I am using Splenda in my coffee and tea, and reducing the diet pepsi intake (I know it isn’t adding any calories but it is still not healthy). I am also making sure I drink my water by having water before every meal and snack.

For snacks, I just need to stop buying junk. We go through phases where we buy chips and cookies a lot, and then we hardly ever do. We are in the middle of a junk spree, so that has to stop.

So that is where I am at for now. I will do my first official weigh-in on Friday morning and then hopefully start seeing results next week. If you have any suggestions on Kinect games that will be helpful, recipes,etc. please leave them in the comments. I really appreciate it!



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