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  • The GeoPalz is an easy-to-use pedometer that sits on your child’s belt or waistband, and comes in several kid-friendly characters. Design lines currently available include “Sports,” “Rock,” “Fantasy,” “Edgy,” “Cutesy” and newly-released “SkelanimalsTM.”
  • Each GeoPalz comes with its own unique code that the children use for their first time registration. This process is very simple and only has three screens for them to navigate through.
  • GeoPalz is the first activity tracker and online game that records your child’s physical activity by tracking steps throughout the day and encourages them to be active by tracking their steps online to win prizes and awards.
  • If a child already has a pedometer that was previously purchased, he or she can sign up for a virtual GeoPalz and receive the same online benefits as a child with an actual GeoPalz activity tracker.
  • GeoPalz plans to release 12 new collectable GeoPalz every three months. By the end of 2010, GeoPalz will have 24 characters. Each year thereafter, 48 characters will be released.



  • At the end of each day, children are encouraged to login to www.geopalz.com and manually enter their steps, which are then converted into miles or “pedpointz.”
  • All steps are converted into miles/pedpointz based on the formula of 2,500 steps equals one mile and one mile equals one pedpoint.
  • The children’s steps will help move them farther along the GeoPalz map online, letting them know how close they are to the next prize – encouraging them to meet their next goal.
  • Children can redeem their pedpointz for physical prizes that are shipped to the home, as well as certificates that can be printed.
  • Prizes include items to keep children active, such as baseballs, Frisbees, soccer balls, jump ropes and more. About half of the prizes are made from recyclable materials. We have also recently added gift cards from popular stores like Target.
  • Since the GeoPalz mission is to keep children active, when a child has been on the GeoPalz web site longer than five minutes, an alert pops up that encourages him or her to be active and get more steps.
  • · If a child logs a very large number of steps at once, GeoPalz sends the parent an email asking if the child has been unable to log due to a vacation or time away from the computer. Once approved, GeoPalz divides the number of steps by the number of inactive days.
  • Once a user is registered, they can form a group that others can join. Once others join the group, GeoPalz will track the total steps of everyone in the group.

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This is the "steps" page where we record my son's steps so he can earn points to go towards great prizes.

I already own a “grown up” pedometer that my kids all love to play with and then lose, so it was really great to get one for the kids. The major downfall was that there was just one, and I have three kids who wanted it…actually, I only had two who wanted it because of the skull and skateboards, and one who wanted one with a butterfly or princess. Obviously, it was a instant hit. The two boys have taken turns wearing it and seeing how many steps they take, and Kellen loves that he can record his steps online.

The really great thing about the GeoPalz is what they represent: fitness and health. This opened up a great discussion between my son and I about how many steps we are “supposed” to take in a day (10,000) and how many we actually take. It has also motivated him to see that number go up, and he’s eager to see it once he has had it on for awhile. He is not a lazy child. He plays hockey and does karate and likes to play outside, but he also likes to sit at the computer and watch television, and his GeoPal on his belt is a good reminder that he needs to be active.

There are a lot of cute and fun GeoPalz to choose from, visit http://www.geopalz.com/ to take a look.



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