Things my three year old said today…

Said after a rude Justin Bieber remark from his brother: “I yike Justin Beaver“. (Me too!)


While refusing to go for a nap: “I not going to sleep! I not sleepy!” Moments later…asleep on the floor.


Said to the dog after the dog stole his bagel: “(g)ive it back!” (said loudly, over and over again, followed by crying when the dog did not give it back)


Most random question today…asked while watching Barney: “Mommy, you have a penis?”


Said to Daddy while dancing to Poker Face “Shake your butt!”


Proof we need to work on hot vs cold. Said while pointing at the microwave and referring to hot pizza: “Put it in dere. It too hot.”


Standing on a chair, trying to reach something I could hardly reach from a chair: “I almost got it. Ooohhh (said in whine) I can’t reach!”


Most heartbreaking (or it would be if he wasn’t my fourth child and my skin wasn’t like rawhide: “I don’t wuv you!”


Most heartwarming (or it would be if it wasn’t a precursor to wanting something): “I wuv you Mommy


He has a knack for stating the obvious. Said while walking into the room naked from the waist down: “I have my pants off.”


While playing Operation: “I need the map.” which we finally figured out meant he wanted the instructions.


Life is never boring when you live with a three year old.




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