Dove Ultimate VisiblySmooth™ anti-perspirant, an essential for beautiful stubble free underarms between shaves Dove Ultimate VisiblySmooth™ antiperspirant helps minimize the look and feel of underarm hair over time. The formula helps women feel stubble free longer between shaves while delivering the benefits of Dove anti-perspirant.

The Dove Ultimate VisiblySmooth™ anti-perspirant formula contains a Pro-Epil Complex™, which includes ingredients such as Sunflower Oil, a naturally-sourced extract, plus Dove ¼ Translucent Moisturizers. These ingredients help to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier and help minimize the look and feel of underarm hair on the surface level.

I received Dove Visibly Smooth in Wild Rose scent. I was given one for myself and one for a friend, which I thought was great…not only could I try it out but I could let someone else try it out too! I shared the extra Dove Visibly Smooth with my Mom.

First off, I am not fond of floral scents, so I wasn’t sure what I would think about the Wild Rose scent. I thought it was nice, but definitely floral, when I smelled the bar. However, when I put it on, I no longer liked the scent. I know it has something to do with body chemistry, but this was not the scent for me. It wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t continue wearing it though. My Mom did like the scent, and so did a friend who was also trying it. The other scent is called Nature Fresh, and that sounds like something I would really like.

Now for the real test, did it reduce stubble and make my skin smoother? Yes, I believe that it did. I shave daily so I don’t often have the appearance of stubble until I’m ready to shave again, but after about a week of using Dove, I realized that there wasn’t even a need to shave the second day because there was nothing there. I could feel the moisturizing effects of the Dove Visibly Smooth right from the first time I used it, so I wasn’t surprised to find my skin feeling softer.

I have always loved Dove products, and this is no exception. While I will look for the Nature Fresh scent instead of Wild Rose, I am definitely going to be using this anti-perspirant.

*I was provided with Dove products to try. My opinions are my own.



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