NeatDeskNeatDesk is a high-speed desktop scanner and digital filing system that will quickly turn all the paper on your desk into organized, digital files. More than just a great scanner, NeatDesk also includes patented NeatWorks® software to identify and extract key information from your paper files, then automatically organizes it in the easy to use database.

I run a business out of my home, and as a result the paper seems to pile up everywhere! When I saw the NeatDesk on television, I knew it was what I needed to get myself organized. I had no idea just how much it could do though! When it arrived, I set it up using the CD included in the package and by simply plugging it into the wall and the USB port on my computer.

I read through the manual and found out I could run my business cards through the card scanner and the NeatDesk will not only store the cards, but it also takes the information off of the cards and stores it in a database. I have a huge stack of business cards from various trade shows, so I decided to start there. I am really impressed with how well it worked! Some of the really fancy script fonts were read incorrectly, but it was easy for me to go in and correct the mistakes, and it is a lot faster to make a few corrections than to enter every card! It will even export the information to Outlook for you.

You can also scan your invoices and NeatDesk will create expense reports for you. You can even export them into Quickbooks, Quicken, Turbo Tax or Excel. This is excellent for maintaining records for taxes! NeatDesk will save digital copies of receipts and records of vendors, dates and totals; create expense reports and manage business and personal expenses; and keep track of expenses for tax time (records accepted by the IRS).

One of my favourite uses for NeatDesk is that I can create PDF documents. I work with several clients and have to keep records about each of our outings. At the end of each month I need to submit this paperwork to an office that is in another city. The documents are two sided, and I usually have 30+ pages to submit each month. My fax machine quit working quite some time ago, so I have to scan each individual page in order to fax them to the office (it is not in my town). After trying out the NeatDesk a few times, I discovered that I can put all of my pages in the NeatDesk and it will scan both sides of each page and create a PDF. This is perfect! In a matter of minutes, I can scan all of my reports and email the PDF to the office…something that used to take me over an hour!

Watch this video to see the NeatDesk in action.

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