I have big dreams to travel the World someday. I became a mother quite young and continued that  journey in my thirties, so I haven’t had a lot of opportunities for travel, but I am slowly correcting that. My oldest son went on a cruise to the Bahamas when he was in Grade 10, and this summer he will be visiting Europe before he heads off to college. I’m excited for him (and a little nervous, I am a Mom after all) and I’m glad that he’s getting these chances to see the world. I will continue to encourage him to travel and have new experiences before he settles into adulthood.

There aren’t many places that I’m not interested in seeing, but there are a few that are higher on the list than others. Ireland is at the top of my list, and I would love to take some holidays to Greece too. Greece has so many amazing historical sites, beautiful beaches and luxurious hotels.

It would be amazing to visit Athens Greece and see the amazing monuments and the place where the Olympics originated. Patmos is a place I would definitely visit if I were in Greece. It is the place where Saint John wrote the Book of Revelations, and it is a beautiful place, judging by the pictures I have seen.

The beaches in Greece look serene and beautiful, and I can imagine laying on the white sand and basking in the sunlight. That would be amazing, and definitely a trip I will take without children, so I can truly relax and enjoy the peace.

Where do you want to go?




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