Vermont Nut Free Chocolate Company was founded by the mother of a little boy with a peanut allergy. The entire selection is completely safe for those with any tree nut or peanut allergy but can also be enjoyed by anyone who loves fine chocolates. They are committed to providing quality chocolates that are safe for those with any nut or peanut allergy.  

My children’s school is a nut free zone, due to one or more serious nut allergies in the school. I take that very seriously, because if my child had a life threatening allergy, I would expect everyone to do what is necessary to keep him or her safe and healthy. As a result, we always read labels and look for nut free products to take to school or any recreational activities that have other children present. I think it is great to find a chocolate company that is completely nut free.

Aside from being nut free, Vermont Chocolate is also delicious! I had the opportunity to try both the milk chocolate and the dark chocolate, and I was pleased with both. The milk chocolate was smooth and had just the right amount of sweetness. The kids devoured anything I didn’t hide, so I know it had their approval too! I am the only person in the house who appreciates dark chocolate, so that was all mine. The dark chocolate wasn’t chalky or bitter, like I sometimes find with dark chocolate. It was mildly sweet and delicious. I always feel like I’m getting the best of both worlds when I eat dark chocolate – a treat and antioxidants all at the same time!

Vermont Nut Free Chocolate has a lot of great Easter treats available for purchase. They make chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, Easter pops, Easter fudge and many more delicious treats to fill your Easter baskets. They are the perfect gift for teachers and friends who need to have nut free treats!

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