Swype is a natural gel that kills over 99.9% viruses tested, including H1N1 (swine flu), H5N1 (avian flu) and over 20 viruses which cause common colds. It was created by a physician with a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology. Swype’s ingredients are 98% natural and unlike other products on the market, contains NO ALCOHOL OR ZINC! Additionally, it is safe to use on children.


With one child in day care, two in public school, and the three big people in the house participating in community activities and of course, work…there are a lot of germs coming into our house. This winter has been the worst winter I can remember for illnesses. Griffin started daycare in the fall, and someone has been sick here since the first day we went there for a visit. Our symptoms have varied, and it has usually been one or two people sick at the same time, and we just can’t seem to escape it.

When I heard about Swype, I was wary yet interested. Honestly, I’m not crazy about the idea of rubbing a gel at the entrance of my nose, but I’m also not crazy about having a constantly runny nose so I figured it was worth a try. It is actually much easier to use than I had anticipated. You only need a tiny amount at the entrance of the nose. It doesn’t smell bad and I don’t even notice it is there. Here is a demonstration on how to apply it…

I have been using it on myself for a couple of weeks, and I have avoided any new illnesses, even when the kids were sick. I can’t think of anything else I have done differently, and I didn’t get away from the kids unscathed through their other sicknesses, so I think it is the Swype protectingme from their germs.

I haven’t had any luck getting the kids to use Swype yet. Griffin is the one I would want to use it the most and he is very difficult when it comes to any sort of creams or medications…or grooming of any kind really. I am going to find a way to use it on him though, because day care is just one big cesspool of germs and I would like to keep them out of my house!

Swype is made from natural ingredients, so I am comfortable using it on my children, and on myself. This is my new defense tool against colds!

*I was provided with Swype to test. My opinions are my own.



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