In a few months, when my youngest son is starting Junior Kindergarten, my oldest son will be leaving for college. I knew this day was coming and I am really proud and excited to see him start this next chapter of his life, but I’m also a little sad that he is about to start a life that I won’t be a big part of. I won’t know what he eats, when he gets in at night or who he is spending time with. I trust his judgment and I know he will make good choices, but I just like being a part of those choices. He, however, can’t wait.

A couple of weeks ago we made the drive to Toronto to visit his future school, Humber College. The school is much bigger than I anticipated. I hope he doesn’t get lost going from one building to another. He has the misfortune of inheriting my sense of direction – none. I was really happy to see that although the school is in Toronto, it doesn’t have the look or feel of being in the middle of a big city. The picture above shows one of the paths that leads from one section of buildings to the dorms and more classroom buildings. I bet it is beautiful when the leaves are on the trees.

The dorms are much bigger than I thought too. It’s like a little two bedroom apartment! Each dorm room has a kitchen/dining area, a washroom and two bedrooms. The bedrooms have a double bed and a desk, with plenty of room to spare, and the kitchen has a full size fridge and a microwave. There is a table and chairs too, so although they don’t have a stove, they can still keep food and do a lot of their own minor meal preparation right in their rooms. The downfall is that it is so much like an apartment that it doesn’t come with anything. We will need to get him bedding and dishes and small appliances, as well as toiletries and things to stock the fridge and cupboards. College is expensive!

There are a lot of places to eat, which is good for Eric since that is one of his favourite things to do. And there is a campus gym that you are automatically a member of, which is perfect for Eric since that is his other favourite thing to do. At least I know he will be occupied since he has a free gym to go to.

Classes are something we didn’t learn a lot about. I guess he will learn more when things get started in the fall. The picture to the left is of the lights in the library. We were on the upper level taking a picture across the top of the lower level. Eric told me he didn’t need to see the library because he won’t be spending any time there, but after my best evil eye, he decided he may visit it now and then. I think he was even more convinced when he saw all of the computer labs and the music room.

We left for home after a long day at the school, and I think we were all feeling a little more relaxed about Eric going to college. Now that he has seen the school and the dorms, and had some of his questions answered about the school, the whole thing is a little less scary. It is for me too. I like the security that they have in place and I think he is going to love college.

The next four months are probably going to go entirely too fast for this Mom though…



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