It was so cold last night that I needed an extra blanket. In mid April! That is just wrong.

I know that everyone in this part of the world (and several other parts that are just as miserable as we are) is so tired of snow and cold weather that the South should be worried… you may be taken over by pale and grumpy Canadians soon!

In trying to keep myself from going completely crazy, I have been thinking about my gardens and patio and making some plans for them. My husband and I built a patio out back last summer, and we put up a gazebo and an outdoor patio table and chairs. I would love to add some gardens around the edge of the patio so that we can enjoy them while we relax outside.

Some pretty patio stones leading away from the patio area would be nice too, and maybe some patio chairs that are really comfortable and more for relaxing than eating. Add an outdoor fireplace and some patio decorations, and it will be heaven. I have three raised bed vegetable gardens out back too, so I’m deciding what I will plant this year. I want to put the “prettiest” vegetables in the garden closest to the patio, and add some annuals around them to make it that much more appealing. Mmmm….I can almost taste the tomatoes right off the vine. I can’t wait for fresh cucumber and tomato salad made with my fresh vegetables.

Now all we need is the sun….




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