Breast cancer awareness is a cause close to my heart (no pun intended!). My family has had more than our share of cancer, with breast cancer topping the list. My paternal Aunt Joan, my maternal Aunt Mary Lou and my maternal Grandmother (Nellie) all lost their battles with breast cancer. My maternal Aunt Hannah and my maternal Great Aunt Bea are breast cancer survivors. Because of this high rate of breast cancer in our family, I started having mammograms at an early age and I believe very strongly in educating women about self exams and early detection.

I also believe that humour is a great tool for getting your message out there, which is why I love the breast cancer apparel made by Save 2nd Base.

Breast Cancer Shirt

About Save 2nd Base:

Save 2nd Base is a breast cancer apparel company that believes in “pink with a wink” – using humor to build awareness and grow the fight against this devastating disease. Over the past several years, Save 2nd Base t-shirts and attire have blossomed into a national frenzy with sales in all 50 states, around the world, and to our troops overseas. Proceeds from the sale of these items benefit the Kelly Rooney Foundation (, which inspires further support, research and eradication of the disease in young women, and pledges ongoing funds for breast cancer research surrounding high-risk women under the age of 40.

Save 2nd Base shirts attract attention for not only the product, but the story behind it.

The inspiration behind this company is Kelly Rooney, a loving wife and mother of five young children from Wayne, Pa., who lost her battle with breast cancer in 2006 at age 43 without ever losing her sense of humor. Before she passed, Rooney designed the original Save 2nd Base t-shirt design for a cancer walk, representing a catchy but serious message – we can’t let cancer take away one’s sense of humor.


I’m not usually someone who wants to draw attention to my body, especially since I have had four children! However, in this case I am more than happy to put on my Save 2nd Base t-shirt and show it off to the world!

I first wore it to the gym, and I definitely got some second glances and funny looks from some of the young girls who were there working out. I hope they got the message, but even if they didn’t, I think they got a laugh! Hopefully someone day the meaning of the shirt will click with them and they will be reminded to do self exams.

Because of the amount of breast cancer in my family, I knew my Mom would like to spread the word with a Save 2nd Base t-shirt too, so I gave her one. She liked the concept and said she would wear it. It is kind of empowering to be able to put on a funny t-shirt like this and use it to educate people but also to let the world know that breast cancer hasn’t taken your spirit or your sense of humour, even if it has taken other things from you.

I like how the shirt is fitted, so it has a flattering effect as well as being soft and comfortable, and of course it is spreading an important message.

Save 2nd Base has a whole line of breast cancer apparel for men and women, including shirts, hats, bags, shoes, skirts and more. They have a variety of sayings, images and methods of getting the message across.

The Save 2nd Base Facebook and Twitter pages have amazing information…
Twitter: @Save2nd Base




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