Getting up on my soap box…

It is election day in Canada! If you are Canadian and over 18, GO AND VOTE!!!!

It drives me crazy when I hear people say they didn’t vote because they didn’t care of didn’t remember or whatever the reason. There is really no excuse for a healthy (and by healthy I mean you are not in the hospital and you are able to physically get to a voting station…not that you have a cold and don’t want to go because I have a cold and I’m going!) adult not to make his or her voice heard by voting.

Ladies…women fought for this. They were imprisoned. They were beaten. They were humiliated. And they still fought and they won the right for you and I to vote. When we choose not to vote, it’s like a slap in the face of every woman who fought for us.

Getting off my soap box and dragging my sick butt out to vote…..



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