Adding LISTERINE® to a routine of twice-daily brushing and once-daily flossing is clinically proven to kill germs, help prevent and reduce plaque and gingivitis germs and, you guessed it, fight bad breath.  And for those of us who are just as concerned about the appearance of our smile as we are about fresh breath, keep in mind LISTERINE® WHITENING® products – because we all know how hard it is for Moms to survive a day without coffee.

Listerine has several whitening products, including Quick Dissolving Strips, Pre-Brush Rinse, Whitening plus Restoring Flouride Rinse, Vibrant White Pre-Brush Rinse and the Whitening Pen. With proven Listerine strength, these products help bring you a whiter and brighter smile!

I had the opportunity to test the Listerine Whitening Vibrant White Pre-Brush rinse. I don’t usually use mouthwash, but I do keep it in the house for some other family members who seem to like it. I do like whitening products though, so I decided to try this rinse myself. I was surprised by the flavour! Years ago I used Listerine and found I did not like the taste at all, but this has a pleasant fresh mint flavour that is not too strong.

I drink enormous amounts of coffee and tea, so my teeth could suffer from it (hence the fact I like whitening products). I used Listerine Whitening Vibrant White almost every day for a couple of weeks, and my teeth look a little brighter. I imagine it will do wonders if I continue to use it daily. It has been most effective for giving me a clean and fresh mouth, no matter how many coffees I have had!


New!  Multi-Action for Extra Whitening Power | Refreshingly Easy Way To Whiten

  • Fights plaque build-up for brighter teeth.
  • Controls the tartar that can lead to everyday stains.
  • Enamel safe ingredients used by dentists.
  • Dynamic foaming action works hard to whiten your teeth.
  • Kills bad breath germs


You can find Listerine Whitening Pre-Brush Rinse Vibrant White Clean Mint, 946 ml, (1 Qt.) on Amazon and in a variety of stores.



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