It all began in 1905, with the Thierry Family’s inheritance of an untapped vineyard in southern France. After uncovering a passion for the vine, the Thierry family dedicated their lives to the native farming and harvesting practices of the Bergerac region. It was then, deep within the hills of France and through generations of devotion to their craft, that the family perfected the art and science of cultivating the land for the finest, purest harvest. This devotion continued over a century later with a physician’s dedication to healthy aging.

Familiar with the French Paradox — the notion that, despite a diet rich in high-fat foods, the French exhibit a remarkably low incidence of heart disease compared to Americans — Dr. Joseph Maroon contributed to the research and development of the Resveratrol molecule. This potent polyphenol, found in red wine grapes, is believed to activate the SIRT1 ‘longevity gene,’ causing a slowing in many of the degenerative effects associated with aging. A renowned neurosurgeon and triathlete, Dr. Maroon’s innovative findings struck home and fueled his desire to combat the aging process.

With a desire to create the highest quality Resveratrol possible, ResVitále sought to lead the market with the most authentic, potent product available. Dr. Maroon, having written the only Resveratrol book to date, proved himself an authority on the matter and a perfect fit for ResVitále’s standards of excellence. Ensuring that ResVitále met the highest levels of authenticity and effectiveness, Dr. Maroon guided the brand development and pioneered an exclusive partnership with GNC. These same standards of excellence continued when a passion for wholesome living brought Dr. Heather Hausenblas to southern France.

Focusing her life’s work on the psychological effects of physical activity and its relationship to weight-related disorders, the French lifestyle held many answers to which Dr. Hausenblas was searching. The familial atmosphere and outdoor lifestyle native to the region proved an ideal setting for Dr. Hausenblas’ age preservation studies and ResVitále’s product development. Herself an established voice on international health and exercise psychology, Dr. Hausenblas set out to help others in a similar manner by researching healthy aging. Now serving as ResVitále’s formulator and scientific advisor, Dr. Hausenblas has taken Dr. Maroon’s standards of excellence and made them her purpose.

After extensive research and study, a unique Resveratrol formula has been created to provide you with the natural solution to healthy aging. The ResVitále mission is not only to provide you with the natural benefits of red wine grapes, but to translate to you all positive aspects of the French lifestyle. With an emphasis on the overall atmosphere and intimate relationships of the French culture in mind, a brand has been created and founded upon French principles and wholesome methods. Brimming in rustic tradition and time-tested excellence, ResVitále’s devotion to ageless begins here.


Keratin Enhance

A must have for beautiful hair, nails and skin, Keratin Enhance is our latest innovation in “beauty from within” supplementation. Combining Cynatine® HNS Keratin, the world’s first ‘soluble Keratin’, with Biotin and Resveratrol, this innovative formula provides a nourishing blend of science-backed ingredients for supporting and maintaining healthy and youthful hair, nails and skin. A clinical study demonstrated that hair loss from washing was reduced by 30% over a 90-day period, and hair strength was improved by 12% with a marked improvement in the shine and brightness of hair. Keratin Enhance is your new beauty secret to getting gorgeous hair, strong nails and firm skin.
One unexpected side effect of getting a little older, is that my hair is not as nice as it used to be. Aside from the fact that it is gray and I have to colour it, it is also dull and dry looking and I seem to lose a lot of it during washing and brushing. I was happy to find something natural that is said to help with this problem! I have weakened my own nails by being a die hard nail biter for nearly 39 years (okay, maybe I didn’t start biting them the second I was born, but I’m sure it was soon after my first tooth arrived), so the nail strengthening benefits of Keratin Enhance were also intriguing to me. I have taken Keratin Enhance for a few weeks, and while it hasn’t cured me of nail biting by making my nails too tough to bite (okay, I wasn’t really expecting that), it may have given my hair a little extra shine. It’s a little hard to tell, because I didn’t do before and after pictures to keep track, but I have been somewhat happier with my hair lately and that has to be due to something!

Collagen Enhance

Vital for smooth, glowing skin, collagen production diminishes with age. You can’t stop time, but you can make it less visible. Give skin a workout from the inside out with this skin-saving beauty breakthrough. While collagen occurs naturally in the body, production begins to decline with age, leading to many of the age-related skin issues we see today, such as wrinkles and flaccidity. Collagen Enhance 1000 mg deposits collagen proteins at the source, where cells can use them to enhance natural production. A powerful infusion of hyaluronic acid helps hydrate and plump the visible layer of skin, while French trans-Resveratrol boosts cellular energy to restore youthful DNA.

I challenge you to find a woman in her late thirties or early forties who doesn’t want to make her skin look younger and more beautiful. I don’t think you could! I have always accepted each year with a smile, and I truly don’t regret aging, but I certainly could live without the wrinkles and dull looking skin. I am willing to try just about anything to slow this down, so I gladly tried out Collagen Enhance. I don’t think I have been taking it long enough to notice a big difference, but I read all of the extensive studies on the ResVitále website and I have confidence that this product will make a difference.

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