I was never an athletic kid, and I never took part in team sports. To this day, I can’t catch a ball, and I’m more likely to get knocked out by a pitch than to hit it with a bat, but I was active in other ways. I loved to swim from a young age and was on the local swim team. Later on in life, I taught swimming and did some lifeguarding, and to this day I enjoy swimming. As a kid, I loved to run. I used to race the neighbour boy to school in the mornings, and in middle school I joined the track and field team and learned to enjoy long distance running. That is not something that I love anymore, mostly because my knees hurt like heck every time I try to go for a run.

My husband is my polar opposite. He played hockey, baseball, and a variety of other sports right from childhood until now. He would probably play a lot more sports than he currently does, but he had knee surgery several years ago and that slowed him down a bit.

We both want our children to enjoy being active and healthy. I was a single mother to Eric for many years, and while I didn’t have any experience with team sports, I attempted to get him involved. I signed him up for soccer, t-ball, baseball, skating, swimming and we attempted one karate lesson. Eric was just not interested. He would play in the outfield, wear his ball glove as a mask, cling to the sideboards on the ice and cry when the ball wasn’t given to him in soccer. I realized that, like me, he could be active without playing team sports. He rode his bike, went rollerblading, ran around with his friends and generally enjoyed the outdoors. He tried some team sports again when he got a little older, and although he did well at them, he never really had a passion for it. Now that he is nearly 19, he has found his athletic passion: body building. He has been working out daily for about a year, in preparation for his future career as a police officer. He is very dedicated to being in shape, and I’m proud of him.

climbing the wallKellen and Avery have both participated in soccer leagues and swimming lessons, and all three of the younger kids love the water. Kellen plays hockey and Avery does ballet, and Kellen has his orange stripe in Karate. I love karate because it not only builds strength and improves your body, but it teaches discipline and self control. It is great for any kid, but outstanding for a child with ADHD. The team sports are great for building character, teaching kids to work together and support one another even when things don’t go the way you want them to.

Since Griffin is just 3, there haven’t been many opportunities for organized sports, but he is an active kid. He rides his glider bike and jumps on the trampoline and generally has fun outside. I love parks that offer wall climbing like the one shown, or other activities that get the kids doing more than just going down the slide.

For me, I find activity in every day activities, like gardening, cutting the grass, shoveling the snow, walking to get the kids or playing in the backyard with them. I have the privilege of having a job that allows me to be active too. I support a young woman with disabilities that I swim with, take to the gym or go for walks.

How are you staying active as a family?

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