We all try to be conscious of what our children eat by feeding them wholesome and healthy foods, but how many of us think about the quality of the water they drink?  The amount of contaminants in your tap water may surprise you. Chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals such as lead and copper, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and more are all possibilities.

Many of us solve this problem by buying bottled water for our families, but did you know that many bottled waters are just tap water with fancy packaging?  And while it may be convenient and portable, it is terrible for the environment.  According to www.container-recycling.org, “Americans buy an estimated 34.6 billion single-serving (1 liter or less) plastic water bottles each year. Almost eight out of ten end up in a landfill or incinerator.” That’s 80% of water bottles that never get recycled!

So what’s a mom to do?  Invest in a house water filtration system and your family will have safe and healthy drinking water without bottled water waste. Your Water Will Taste Better and Be Free from Contaminants

  • A water filtration system will remove chlorine and other contaminants from your water, so you don’t have to worry about what your kids are drinking.
  • Better yet, your kids will drink more water when it tastes good and any offending odors are removed.

Your Showers and Baths Will be Contaminant –free

  • Did you know that chlorine when heated, such as in a shower or tub releases harmful vapors that can cause long-term health issues and even cancer?
  • Removing chlorine in showers and baths also assures no redness of eyes or headaches, common symptoms of bathing in chlorinated water.

You Can Make Your Own Bottled Water at Home.

  • Get your own stainless steel or non-BPA plastic bottles and leave filled, chilled bottles in the fridge so it’s ready to go when you are.    This means better water for your family and of course, less environmental impact.

And as a Nice Bonus for the Exhausted Mom, Your Hair and Skin Will Look Better.

  • You’ll get an instant makeover when you install a house water filter system.  Without the harsh chemicals wreaking havoc on your hair and skin, you’ll notice how much more manageable your hair will feel and how great your skin will look.

PuriTeam is owned and operated by Maria Williams, mom of 2 and advocate of healthier drinking water for all families.   She offers free water analyses and free consultation on her site.  Visit today and improve the quality of life in your home.



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