Spinbrush® For Kids

Spinbrush Kids My Way toothbrush that allows girls to decorate their brush with over 140 water-safe stickers. With lots of fun handle designs, our kids battery-powered toothbrushes, like
My Way!®, Spider-Man®, Iron Man, Wolverine, Captain America, Thomas & FriendsTM, Mermaid, Soccer Ball, Dolphin, Skateboard and Butterfly, have smaller power heads to fit smaller mouths, massage gums and promote a lifetime of happy, healthy brushing. An excellent cavity fighter for kids.

We received the boy’s Spinbrush Kids My Way toothbrush, and I gave it to Griffin. He immediately placed every car, truck and “driving” type of sticker onto his toothbrush and wanted nothing to do with the rest of them, lol. Up until now, Griffis has only had smaller baby type toothbrushes, so he was excited to have a toothbrush that turns on, like his brother and sister have.

Orajel® Kids MY WAY!™ Fluoride Toothpaste!Orajel kids toothpaste

Introducing from Orajel®, the #1 selling fluoride-free toddler training toothpaste, new Orajel® Kids MY WAY!™ Fluoride Toothpaste. It comes with over 100 stickers, from animals, sports, rock star, and princess-themed designs, to individual letter stickers so kids can personalize their toothpaste pump. Because when brushing is fun, it gets done!

This toothpaste was really fun because it also came with stickers to decorate with! The kids had a great time with the stickers, and they all like the pump container that the toothpaste comes in. It is easy to use and they fight over who gets to use it if I send them to different washrooms to brush!


Glo Brush for Kids

NEW! Spinbrush® Globrush®

Light things up with the New Spinbrush® Globrush® battery-powered toothbrush available in three different fun handle designs. Micro-pulsing bristles attack plaque, while a two-minute color-change timer leads the way. When it changes colors, you switch sides.

Kellen and Avery each received one of these toothbrushes and they think they are great! They used some of the stickers from the other toothbrush and toothpaste so that they could personalize their brushes, and they love that they light up and have a timer. I love that my kids like brushing because they have them!

The globrush comes in a variety of colours too, which is great when you have more than one child.



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