I get home from work at 8:30am and Eric can’t find some papers he needs for a 9am meeting. He says he looked in the place I told him to look yesterday, so I proceed to tear the house apart looking for them….while listening to a three year scream about needing a freezie… and eventually send him back to the original spot…where he finds them and a few extra things he was missing.

*insert tired and annoyed mom glare here*

Kid two and kid three decide to play Guess Who, and I’m a proud Mom because my kids are spending quality time together. Then I heard this…

I get to pick the card first!

You can’t ask that question!

Stop copying my questions!

It’s not fair that I always pick a girl card!

I saw her card! I win!

She doesn’t win. That’s not fair. My card fell over! (hypocrite much?)

Move back. I need more space!

You’re taking all of the space!

Stop bending the card!

I’m bored of this game. Play with someone else.

*insert lots of whining, tears and pouting between statements*

I’ve never been so glad to see them put a game away and stop spending time together. And all of this before I’ve had breakfast for a full coffee. And then my sweet little Griffin crawls up on my lap and gives me a big hug. He’s going through a real Daddy stage right now, so my cuddle time is limited. I said “See Daddy, he loves me too.” and he whispers “No, I love Daddy.” and hugs me a little tighter, lol.

Now one is gone to his meeting, one is playing video games and kid three and kid four are watching Finding Nemo…and I’m enjoying the coffee that will transform me into a new woman.



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