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Last month, I had the privilege of trying the Nutrisystem program. Nutrisystem offers a variety of different meal plans, including plans for women, for men and for diabetics. Their selections vary for seniors and they have a frozen food plan as well. I chose meals from the Women’s Basic plan.

First, I was told to choose 28 days worth of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts/snacks. I had a hard time making my decision! All of the meals look delicious, and I wanted to try a variety of things. After the painstaking decision, I finally sent my choices off and waited for my meals. They were delivered to me very quickly, within a few days and everything was divided into 3 different boxes so it was easy to find breakfast, lunch, supper or snacks.

I was disappointed to see how many of my choices had been substituted with something else. Rather than getting 28 things from each category, I ended up with 35 desserts, and fewer lunch and supper choices, and I ended up with several containers of macaroni and beef, and several boxes of lasagna. It would have been great to have a section on the order form to make suggestions for substitutions, so that you have a little control over what you have to eat for the month.


Nutrisystem BreakfastNutrisystem includes a book and some written material to support you in staying on track and making your meal choices. They make suggestions for what you need to be eating along with your Nutrisystem meals. I found this to be a valuable resource and reminder.

A big eye opener for me was the portion sizes. Not that I didn’t know this already, but I really need to work on my portion control, for breakfast especially. I like breakfast, and I like a lot of breakfast. Lunch was no problem for me, and supper wasn’t too hard, but the small breakfast portions were really difficult for me. Evening snacking is a big problem for me too, so I found the Nutrisystem snacks perfect for helping me limit myself on how much I snack on.

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