We love to read in my house, and we especially love to read new and funny books! Scholastic Books sent these fantastic stories to us to read.

Meow Said the Cow

Something’s amok in the barnyard!

It’s a noisy morning in the barnyard: roosters crowing, cows mooing, mice squeaking! And the farmer’s cat has had enough. With a flick of his tail, the cat casts a spell and the barnyard is turned upside-down. The chickens are oinking, the sheep are barking, and the sheepog can only let out a confused “Baa?” It’s not long before the animals figure out who’s to blame, and before the end, the cat gets a taste of his own medicine! Emma Dodd’s bright, bold illustrations bring this farm full of very confused animals to life, and her hilarious rhyming text is sure to send young readers giggling (and mooing, and cock-a-doodle-dooing!).

Griffin is at the age where he is very interested in animals and where they live and what sounds they make, so this book was really fun for him. He thought it was hilarious that the animals were making the wrong sounds, and even funnier to think that a cat could cast a spell and change everything! This was definitely a fun read.



Robert MunschGive me Back my Dad

After almost 170,000 votes tallied, the winning story of our Pick—A—Munsch contest is here!

In Fall 2010, Scholastic Canada launched a promotion that allowed young readers to help select the story by Robert Munsch to be published as his 30th book with Scholastic Canada. After close to 170,000 votes tallied, the fans have spoken — here are the details of the winning story:

Cheryl and her dad go ice fishing, but it turns out that the fish are pretty smart. They are trying to catch the people right back! In the end, Cheryl and her father bring home something really good… and it’s not a fish at all!

This story was inspired by a young girl in Rigolet, Labrador. Twenty years ago Robert Munsch went ice fishing with a girl named Cheryl and her father, and this story was born. He has performed it live for many years now, but it has never appeared in book form before. Scholastic Canada is proud to bring this wonderful, whimsical tale to young readers everywhere!

We love Robert Munsch.

Let me say that again….

We love Robert Munsch.

How could you not? His stories are so fun and the illustrations are fantastic. He has an incredible ability to tell a great story that appeals to children and adults alike. I like visiting his website and hearing him read the stories. He is so animated! And he’s Canadian! Woo hoo, go Canadians 🙂

I knew we would not be disappointed with this new story. The cover alone had us needing to hear the whole story. It’s a great little story about a girl and her dad ice fishing. If you wanted to put a “lesson” to the book, it could be about temptation and problem solving and having faith in people…or it could just be a really fun story!


Fun children's bookTHE UNDERPANTS ZOO

What kind of underpants does a lion wear? What about an elephant? The answers to these questions will have readers laughing and turning the page to find out more! Bestselling illustrator Brian Sendelbach has created a wonderfully funny and wacky world that will charm readers of all ages.

The fact that “underpants” was in the title made this book an instant hit with my kids. If it talks about underpants, it has to be good. Griffin does this huge 3 year old belly laugh as soon as we start reading it, even after having heard the story a dozen times. He loves seeing the elephant in his underwear and laughing about all of the animals.

It’s a very fun book to read.

You can find this, and all of the books here at Scholastic Canada.



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