When I was a Mom to just one boy, I disliked the fact that the only clothing available to little boys wear sweatsuits and overalls. Eleven years later I had boy number two and I was happy to find a much broader variety of cute clothing for boys. They never cared that much about what I bought though… and then I had my daughter.

AveryAvery had a distinct sense of style from the time she was very small. Being surrounded by boys didn’t impact her feminine side, because she was all pink and frilly and adorable at all times! I remember trying to put some of her brother’s hand-me-downs on her when she was just over a year old and giving up after she screamed and tossed herself around in protest. She would have nothing to do with boy’s clothes!

Avery likes jewelry and accessories, and the more the better! She is as thrilled with the gift of a silk scarf as she would be to get a doll. She likes hats and pretty shoes…oh, the shoes!  Black patent shoes, sparkly shoes, pink shoes, purples shoes, fuzzy boots with pom poms and ballet slippers are all scattered around her room! She doesn’t shy away from a pair of runners, as long as they are pink and worn with a mini skirt!

Tights are another piece of clothing that Avery has a great appreciation for. She likes to wear them, and she likes them to have cute or pretty things on them. I had to argue with her once the weather got so warm that she couldn’t wear them anymore! Denim is welcome in her wardrobe, as long as it comes equipped with some cute embroidery or pink stitching. She has jean shorts with pockets shaped like hearts that she adores.

Avery has always loved dress up too, but she only dresses up in glitz and glam. She is the proud owner of every princess dress in existance, and she wears them proudly along with the tiara from my wedding and any play high heels she can get her hands on.

Avery is 7 years old now, and she has always been happiest in a dress. She loves pink and purple, and the more ruffles, bows and sparkles, the better. She has broadened her horizons a bit as she has gotten older, and I can get her to wear colours other than pink and purple, although she still prefers them.

I can see Avery’s confidence just blossom when she has chosen a pretty dress or outfit to wear. There are times that I think I should get her to change because the ruffle dress is a little over the top for the playground, but then I see her beaming with pride  and I know I need to let Avery be who she is … a beautiful little diva in pink!

And I have to say…buying pink dresses beats the heck out of buying sweatsuits anyday!


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