When I was pregnant with my first son, nearly twenty years ago, I bought myself a really nice stroller for the time. It was mint green, really big and impossible to steer. But at the time I didn’t know that it could be better so I was really happy with what I had. Eventually I bought a little fold up umbrella stroller until we grew out of the stroller stage altogether.

I waited nearly 11 years to have another child, and by then things had changed. Strollers were smaller, sleaker, easier to steer and they came in so many colours! We could get a Mia Mode in Grey or choose something in pink or blue! We chose the blue and grey stroller shown here. It had a cup holder for mom and baby (something they didn’t think of in 1992) and it was light weight It was perfect and I loved it. Then I got pregnant again, and found myself expecting a baby while still caring for a baby! So then we went in search of a double stroller.

At first I wanted a double jogging stroller, but then I decided against it because I wanted something I could put an infant seat in. We decided on a double tandem stroller that was made so that the seats could either face each other or ride regularly. An infant seat could fit in it and it had a huge basket underneath. It was huge and impossible to steer, but I could get out with two kids just 16 months apart, and that was all that mattered at the time!

When Griffin was born, we found a jogging stroller that we really liked. It was black and red and the infant seat could attach to it. It was nice looking and easy to steer, but didn’t have a lot of space on it and Griffin always felt so hot in it. I eventually traded it in for a sit and stand stroller. I loved the sit and stand and used it until just a few months ago! It was definitely my favourite of all of our strollers.

What kinds of strollers have you owned? Which do you think is the best?



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