Design your floor with a new IMPERIAL rug in bright colours!

Forget the moment of disappointment when the rug you chose failed to fit the place you prepared for it because it was too long, too short, or too wide…Contraforma Studio offers a solution to this problem – Imperial – the innovative interpretation of a traditional carpet, made of separate parts.

One attractive and original packaging contains 10 segments covering an area of approximately 1.5 m2 (depending on segments’ arrangement). The rug is made of pure polypropylene, which is not allergic to children or adults. The covering is manufactured in Belgium and has all necessary fire safety, water resistance and environmental protection certificates. This solution is especially convenient when it is a need to change the room interior – the carpet can be easily adjusted to a new place because there are no size or shape limitations. IMPERIAL is easy to clean – this carpet can be washed both manually and by washing machine. To prevent the rug details from scattering, the segments are fastened to the flooring by means of special double-sided adhesive tape.

materials: 100% polypropylene; secondary backing: halfbad resine-ster (rubber)

dimensions (h x w x d):
1 pcs – 0.6 x 40 x 45 cm | 0.2″ x 15.7″ x 17.7″
1 unit (10pcs) – appx.1m2

Puzzle Carpet

When I went online to choose my Imperial Rug, I was unsure how it was going to work to order, since I wanted a variety of bright colours. I was happy to learn that with each unit there is 10 puzzle pieces, and I could choose which colour I wanted for each puzzle piece. I liked the fun and bright colours, because I thought they would be perfect for one of my kids’ rooms or for a play area, so I chose some red, blue, orange, yellow, green and one beige.

When they arrived, they were in a triangle shaped box that the kids all thought was pretty fun. I thought it was kind of neat too! We took the pieces out and the kids just loved the idea of a carpet that is also a puzzle! They liked the colours too, and I like almost any way I arrange them.

Back of imperial puzzle rug

You can see my current arrangement in the picture on the left. I really like how it turned out, and the kids love rearranging it to make different shapes and patterns. I never know what I will find when I got into the room!

There are adhesive spots on the back of each piece. They have a protective piece of paper over them, and I have left it there since my kids do enjoy moving the pieces around quite a bit. If I wanted the pieces to stay how I put them, this would be a good option though!

One of the kids got chocolate on a piece of the carpet. I read that it can go into the washing machine, but I didn’t want to do that since I haven’t done anything with the adhesive on the back. Instead I grabbed one of my fail safe baby wipes and the chocolate came right out. Baby wipes are awesome stain fighters!

For those who want more subtle colours, there you can also find light and dark grey, ivory and black, so you can create a puzzle rug imperial for any room!

Learn more about the Puzzle Rug Imperial on their website or by visiting their facebook page.



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