After Griffin threw a toy across the room and I scolded him with a stern “We do not throw things!”, he looked confused and said “I do. I throw things Mommy.”

Griffin always has his hands down his pants and doesn’t seem to care when he’s asked to take them out. One day I asked him to take his hands out of his pants, and instead of the usual ignoring, he stopped and looked sheepish and said “Awwwwkwaaaard” in the same way his siblings do.

Griffin stuffed a blanket under his shirt and walked around saying “Look at my fig bat tummy!”

When Eric was about 6 years old (making me about 26), we were getting ready to go to my cousin’s wedding and I was explaining whose wedding it was. Eric looked at me with wide astonished eyes and said “You have cousins who are still alive?!” … and I went to find my walker…

Griffin came running up the stairs… “Daddy, Daddy… there’s a spider! Can you go kill it?!” Daddy asks where it is and Griffin says “On it’s web!” … of course!






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