Strange and interesting beds!

I’ve been told that your bed is your most important piece of furniture. When I was younger I didn’t quite get why, but now that I’m older with a lot more aches and pains, I really understand. When I was 11 years old, my parents gave me a water bed. I was so excited! They were a big deal at the time, and I was so excited to get one. Ten years later when I finally replaced it, I made the mistake of going from the water bed to a very firm mattress…they may be great for the posture, but they are not comfortable at all. When my husband I got married, we looked at regular beds and platform beds, and cheap beds and expensive beds…we eventually decided on an affordable platform bed with a high end king size mattress. It is heaven to sleep on!

Check out these odd bed choices…

Person Shaped Bed

I’m pretty sure this isn’t a real bed. If it is, it must be in a museum somewhere because it certainly isn’t practical. You would have to order  your bed to fit, and never move in your sleep! It would make an interesting bed for the guest room, if you didn’t want to have any guests!

Hamburger Bed

I think this one looks really comfortable! It would be so cute in a kids’ room, especially if said kid had a summer job at a burger joint, lol.

Rope Bed

I don’t know about this one. I really hope that someone skilled at knot tying put that together.


Tree Bed

I think this is beautiful and I would definitely be okay with it in my house. I can just picture a beautiful garden themed guest room. Maybe I should start a Bed and Breakfast…

Box Bed

This reminds me of a coffin. Enough said.


Nest Bed

This is so cute! It would totally fit with my garden theme for the guest room! This B&B is really starting to take shape!


Light Bed

I don’t understand why you need lights shining out from under the bed. Maybe somebody was afraid of monsters under the bed and decided this was the way to deal with it? You could get one of the Japanese Beds that sits right on the floor and save yourself some money on the electricity bill.

Teen Media Bed

Other than the odd shape that I can’t imagine sleeping on, this bed looks really cool. I am sure any one of my kids would love to have it. Of course, they wouldn’t sleep if they had it…

Ford Bed

Are you into cars? You can take that passion a little too far by sleeping in a ford bed.


Skull Bed

Weird….really weird.


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  1. says

    The one with the light coming out from under it freaks me out! It’s like Poltergeist or something. The rope one is cool, but it looks way too high up should something happen to it. I hope there’s another net below to catch him.

    • Sam says

      LOL, does it? I know nothing about cars, but the site I found it on called it a Ford Bed, so I’m sticking with that, lol.

      • Jon says

        I see. In that case, the site you found it on is wrong 😛 Sorry if I come across as a smartass or something, but I know those cars fairly well.

        • Sam says

          You didn’t at all. I have learned since then to always link back to the original spot in order to avoid this kind of mix up. This post seems to have several pieces of misinformation…but it’s been popular and my readers are pointing them out, so it’s all ok.

  2. Hillary says

    The skull bed isn’t a bed at all, actually. It’s a Sensory Deprivation Chamber. It can be used for meditation by cutting off all of the senses. If one stays in them too long, however, it can lead to extreme anxiety and hallucinations.

  3. Robyn Jane says

    About the rope bed: this was the original “box spring.” It consisted of a frame and a rope suspension, with a mattress of some sort on top of it.

    By adjusting the tension on the ropes, you could get a firmer mattress. Hence, the encouragement we now use when people go to bed: “Sleep tight.”

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