Wonka is probably one of the most well known names in Candy, thanks to the Willy Wonka books and movies. I know I always think of the golden key when I see a Wonka chocolate bar! Wonka Exceptionals candy bars are high quality chocolate bars, available in four awesome flavors: Triple Dazzle Caramel; Fantabulous Fudge (like bite-sized truffles); Chocolate Waterfall (white and milk chocolate together) and Scrumdiddlyumptious (nuts and toffee).

I was lucky enough to give all four of these amazing chocolate bars a try … I know, poor me, right? LOL…I never met a chocolate bar I didn’t like, but these ones are even better than most! The Triple Dazzle Caramel was my favourite. Filled with delicious caramel, it melts in your mouth and takes me to my happy place!

The Fantabulous Fudge was also amazing. The kids were turned off by the appearance of dark chocolate inside the bar, but I didn’t tell them it was fudge because I wanted them all for myself. Sneaky, but justified. If they don’t know the value in dark chocolate or fudge, it’s their loss.

The Chocolate Waterfall is a mixture of white and dark chocolate and the kids loved how fun it looks, and of course everyone loved the taste! The Scrumdiddlyumptious is impossible to say, but not impossible to eat! I think a couple of the bigger guys in this house must have really liked this one because it disappeared pretty quick!

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