If you are a Mom to children over the age of 4, you may very well be a mini van driving soccer Mom. I don’t know how it’s done everywhere else, but in my little town the parents take turns doing the snacks at each game. I know it sounds like an easy job, pack up some treats and bring them to the game, but it isn’t necessarily that easy. I want to bring something that the kids will love (because I want them all to think my kids have the coolest mom), but I also want something that is healthy and something that won’t break the bank! Here are some of my favourite ideas for a healthy soccer snack…

  • Fruit: It may not get you the cool mom award, but the hot kids appreciate it and you can feel good about what you gave them. My faves are oranges, watermelon and grapes, but there is also melon, berries and easy to eat fruit like apples and bananas. Make sure you have them cut up and ready for the kids to eat!
  • Sugar free freezies or popsicles: These are always a big hit with the kids, and it helps them cool off after a hard game.
  • Juice boxes: These are great especially when paired with one of the other snacks. Again, get sugar free or be extra sneaky and get the ones with vegetables in them too!
  • Cheese strings: They won’t cool the kids down, but they love them!
  • Raw veggies: If you are feeling especially creative, you can cut them into fun shapes and help the kids appreciate them a little more. Definitely pair these with a drinking box or a freezie to keep the kidlets happy.
  • Cookies: You can get low or no sugar cookies that taste great and are still good for your kids.
  • Trail Mix: Have it already separated into ziplock bags for the kids to avoid lengthy lines to get snack, and to keep everyone’s hands from touching each other’s snacks.

How do your teams do snacks, and what types of snacks do you bring to the games?




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