I love reality television and design shows. Last week I discovered Deck Wars, and I love it! If you haven’t seen it, two teams compete to build the best deck in just two days. I would love a deck, so the show helps me dream a little and it’s fun to see what they come up with. After watching the show, I was inspired to look for some cool deck designs online. Here is what I found…

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I wonder if this is at someone’s home, because it reminds me of a resort. It’s beautiful.

From Accent Deck Design

 This is very Asian inspired. I can tell it’s in a showroom in this picture, but it would be beautiful in a yard.

Creative Design Ideas Deck By Kelly Deck Designs

The focus for this picture is actually the lighting, but I liked the different sections of the deck.

Outdoor Post Light

I love it! I have always wanted a fire pit but I won’t put one in because I don’t want the kids to accidently step in it or fall in it. This would be perfect.

Deck stairs to firepit

This one is definitely my favourite. The petals are unique and gorgeous.

Minimalist House Design

I really like how they incorporated the shrub right into the deck.

Linuk Design

I would never go inside if I had this in my backyard!

Trex Deck

Another gorgeous and unique deck!

The Yin Yang Deck


My husband and I built a patio in our backyard last year and it’s nothing fancy or special, but it works well for us. Someday I would like a deck. Do you have a deck? Is it unique or traditional?



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