Okay, so it’s not even close to being wordless…but I had something to say, lol.

I had the most incredible opportunity this weekend. I was invited to travel to Toronto and be a parent advisor for a new type of entertainment that I will tell you all about in a couple of months (HA – gives you something to look forward to, right?). I was excited for the chance to do something entirely different from my previous experiences, and to get a little mommy break too.

I arrived at the Gladstone Hotel and realized I would not be enjoying a lot of relaxing time in my room because it was pretty small and left me a little claustrophobic, but on a positive note, it got me out of the hotel and exploring downtown Toronto. I don’t live that far from Toronto, so it’s not like I’m new to the city or anything, but when I am there it is always with a purpose…to attend an event or to have some fun at a tourist attraction like the CN Tower or Canada’s Wonderland…so just wandering around town was a new experience for me! I visited little shops and pondered the flourescent bikes on the street.

Click the Pic to learn about The Good Bike

There are galleries and art everywhere in this part of Toronto and I enjoyed seeing the different projects. Of course, I was just as interested in the people on the street, since I love people watching and Toronto provides no shortage of subjects. There are so many places to eat, and I came across the Blundstone Boots shop too, which I thought was neat since I just recently tried their boots. It was a fun first day, but I was anxious to get on with things and meet the other bloggers….which was definitely the highlight of my weekend!

Outside of doing cool things like this…

I'm not telling you what it is!

…we spent a lot of time having great food and enjoying time together. I ate and ate and ate…and drank a bit too 😉 and had a fabulous time! It was really a pleasure to meet the people who brought us all together, and it was amazing to meet the group of bloggers that included Ken from Geek Dad, Heidi from The Bragging Mommy, Jody from Mommy Moment, Maria from amotherworld, Kristen from Cool Mom Picks and Emma from The Bad Moms Club.

Emma, Jody and Kristen

I had such a great time with these awesome bloggers. They are an incredible group of people with so much to offer, and I am glad I had the chance to spend time with them. I will be seeing Maria and Jody again soon at She’s Connected and I’m really hoping to see everyone again. I recommend checking out all of their blogs (linked above) and Ken has a cool new book you may want to check out too!

Heidi and Jody

Unfortunately, Maria had to leave before this picture was taken, but here is a picture of the rest of us…

Front (left to right) Me, Emma, Heidi; Back (left to right) Ken, Kristen, Jody

Hmmm…either I am really short or everyone else is really tall.

We had a lot of fun and I can’t wait to tell you about what we were doing there, but that will have to wait a couple of months. In the meantime, make sure you take a look at their blogs, if you aren’t already familiar with them, because they are worth the read!



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