Ruffle Socks

Kushyfoot Ruffle Low Cuts Socks have a padded sole, offered as a 3 pair pack with a little hint of color. The ruffles at the welt peek thru your sneakers to show your playful side. 3 packs of 3 pairs per order.

All 3 pairs have a white body. The front pair has a black ruffles, the middle pair is solid white and the back pair has pink ruffles.

I like these socks. They look really cute with running shoes and they are very comfortable. You really do feel like your feet are getting a massage while wearing them!

Diamond Pattern

Kushyfoot Low Cut Socks have a padded sole, offered as a 3 pair pack in solid white. The ankle has a diamond pattern and looks cute peaking out of your sneakers. 3 packs of 3 pairs per order.

I’m not crazy about the diamond pattern on these socks, but I like how comfortable they are. They work well with running shoes as well, and they also have the massage effect while walking.

Yoga Socks

Kushyfoot Yoga Socks in Ankle length are designed to simulate a barefoot feeling. 3 pairs per order.

I received a tan pair of these yoga socks. I don’t do yoga or get pedicures so I passed them on to my Mother-in-law to wear at her pedicures. She had actually told me about this kind of sock quite awhile ago so I knew that she liked them and would wear them during her pedicures. They are perfect on cooler days when you want to keep your feet warm while still getting your toes done.

Happy Feet

Happy Feet’s proprietary manufacturing process bonds a breathable, lightweight fabric to a high-strength bladder containing viscosity-controlled 100% glycerin to provide comfort and relief by distributing weight evenly, absorbing impact and massaging with every step. Happy Feet® Insoles fit in any shoe, including sandals.

Relief for:

Hot or Sore Feet
Sore Back & Legs
Heel Spurs
Plantar Fasciitis
Diabetic Foot Ulcers

I received two pairs of Happy Feet insoles, one for myself and one for my husband. I had to trim mine down a little bit to fit my shoe, but my husband’s were fine.

I put mine in my favourite shoes for some added comfort. They are very different and a little hard to get used to at first. The feeling of fluid under my feet threw off my balance a little at first, but I did get used to it and they definitely put less strain on my heels in particular.

Absorbs impact, reduces fatigue
Distributes weight, reduces friction
Dynamic fluid action massages with every step
Improves circulation, enhances foot & leg health

My husband didn’t feel that he needed them in his workboots so he tried them in his running shoes. He wasn’t bothered by the fluid at all, and seems to like them. He has a heavy foot, and I think he has stomped around a little less since using Happy Feet, and that makes me happy, lol.

Stay tuned to Kidsumers for more footwear over the next couple of weeks! With school about to start again, you want to send your kids off with their feet ready for gym class!



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