sandwich recipeThe Lemon Chicken & Pesto Sandwich Recipe

I participated in the Black & Decker Ultimate Sandwich Contest that was put on by Mom Central Canada, and I’m so excited to hear who the winner is tomorrow! While I’m waiting, I will share the third and final sandwich that I made while deciding on a sandwich to enter. Last week I shared the Steak & Baconator that was our second choice for entry, and this week I am sharing the Lemon Chicken & Pesto Sandwich.

sandwich ingredients

This sandwich would definitely win for the “prettiest” sandwich of the three, but in taste tests it came up short. It was good, but not exciting. I definitely wouldn’t turn it down if someone made it for me though!

First off, here is a list of ingredients:

  • A fresh loaf of Rosemary Sourdough bread (small)
  • 1 large chicken breast (skinned and boned) or 5-6 slices of chicken
  • 4 slices cooked bacon
  • Leaf lettuce, Sliced Tomato, Sliced cucumber…however much you desire!
  • Fresh mozzarella cheese (3-4 slices)
  • Mrs. Dash Lemon Chicken Spice
  • Basil Pesto
  • Olive Oil

Step One: Grill the chicken with the Mrs. Dash Lemon Chicken Spice on it. If it is a full chicken breast, slice it to fit on the sandwich.

grilled chicken

Step Two: Next I prepared the bread by brushing olive oil on the bread and toasting it in my convection oven. Mmmm….doesn’t it look good all by itself? Bread

Step Three: Then we added the lettuce, bacon and chicken to the sandwich.

Lettuce, bacon, chicken

 Step four: Layer the mozzarella cheese, tomato and cucumber on the sandwich, and drizzle pesto on top.

Cheese, tomato, cucumbers

You can put your sandwich in the oven to melt the cheese, or eat it as it is!

sandwich recipe




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