With my son heading off to Toronto for his first year in college, one of the things that concerned me was his dorm bed. We have visited the rooms and they look nice and clean, but there is an increase in bed bug problems throughout North America, it concerned me to have him sleeping in a bed that has been used by so many. I eased my concerns by buying a Premium Bed Bug Proof Mattress Cover to put on his bed. I thought he would snub his nose at the idea of putting a cover on his mattress. He is just 19 and I didn’t think he would be concerned with things like bed bugs, but he was actually quite happy to get it and he told me that he and his friends had just been discussing how strange it is to sleep in a bed that has been used by a lot of different people. Who knew that 19 year olds cared about things like that?! I was impressed.

The mattress cover encases the entire mattress and closes with a zipper and velcro enclosure, to ensure it is completely covering the mattress and containing any bed bugs or dust mites that may be on the mattress. Since we haven’t left for the dorms yet, we haven’t had a chance to see how easy it installs, but I will update this next week!

Here is the information about the bed bug mattress cover taken from the shopbedding.com website:

Protect your mattress from:

  • Bed Bugs
  • Allergy Triggers
  • Dust Mites
  • Bio-Fluids
  • 100% soft micropolyester with a urethane backing
  • Scientifically designed seam construction
  • “Velcro-Lock” zipper closure technology for secure encasement
  • Internal protective flap
  • Eliminates bed bugs, dust mites, mold and bacteria
  • Waterproof, breathable, and fire-retardant
  • Machine washable

Stop the spreading of bed bugs. When trapped inside our encasement, bed bugs and hatchlings are subjected to starvation and prevented from escaping and spreading. This soft fabric cover is comfortable to sleep on and will not sweat. Our premium bed bug mattress cover features scientifically designed reinforced seams, internal protective flap, and a unique “Velcro-Lock” zipper closure technology to prevent bed bugs from escaping or getting in.

Our mattress covers can be used as a box spring encasement as well for complete protection.

Get Relief From Allergies:
The most common cause for allergies in humans are dust mites. Our premium bed bug mattress cover protects your mattress from dust mites, pollens, molds, fungus, and bio-fluids. Our mattress cover is waterproof, breathable, and fire-retardant.

It’s great to know that the mattress cover will do more than just protect him from sleeping with bed bugs, but also ease any allergy problems as well. Eric has always suffered from allergies and I think this will be very good for him. I should have thought of something like this for home! I also like that it is fire retardant, for obvious reasons.

It’s hard being a Mom who is sending her son to live in a big city by himself, but little things like this mattress cover make it a little easier and let me know I am still doing my part to take care of him while he is away.



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