It’s a busy weekend because my oldest is heading off to college, but I needed to take a moment to share these parenting lessons I recently learned.

  1. If you allow your 8 year old to play online pictionary with other 8 year olds, he will learn a lot of ways to draw genitals.
  2. There are a lot of ways to draw a penis (okay, it’s not a parenting lesson, but I did learn something).
  3. “I hate you” can be quickly changed into “I love you” by simply offering a ‘time out’.
  4. A three year should not be put in time out near shoes or other objects that can become projectiles.
  5. When your three year old is angry, he may tell you that you “are a bad cooker”, but he will still want you to make him lunch.
  6. Two little girls playing together means tea parties and giggles and fun…three little girls playing together means yelling and tattling and tears.
  7. A trampoline in the backyard is a kid magnet, and they multiply once they get there.
  8. Your kids are always your babies, even when they are grown up and leaving home.

There will be a lot of tears here tomorrow when we take Eric to school. I hope this is easier each time you do it.



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