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Truth owner and designer Renia Pruchnicki started Truth in 2001 from her apartment in downtown Toronto Canada. After graduating from Toronto’s Ryerson University with a degree in Fashion Design in 1994, she worked for 7 years as a designer for a few different companies. Her experience was more technical, having designed ski and snowboard outerwear and later cosmetic bags and technical backpacks. When her employer suddenly went out of business, Renia found herself in a rather unpleasant position. As the saying goes: When one door closes, another opens. And so began TRUTH…

With the little savings she had and a small bank loan, plus the help of a “self employment assistance” business program, Renia launched Truth’s very first line of belts in 2001. In those days Renia sewed everything herself and the company’s headquarters was literally in the solarium of her downtown apartment. Here’s a cute photo of Renia in the very early days of Truth, in her solarium.

Having no experience working with leather, Renia naturally started out using the technical materials that she was already familiar with. As it turned out, the “leather looking” belts became very popular within the vegan community. Not only were Truth products original, but the longevity of Truth belts was unparalleled in a market where most other leather-looking belts tended to fall apart within a few months. Truth’s reputation for producing durable yet fashionable non-leather accessories spread quickly.

Choosing to be a Canadian manufacturer is no easy task! One year after the start of Truth, Renia realized that she had no choice but to take on a full-time job and run Truth on the side. In 2002, Renia began work as a designer for California Innovations, a Canadian company specializing in insulated products such as lunch bags and soft-sided coolers. Truth was expanding and Renia found the grueling schedule impossible to maintain, so she negotiated working part-time while she ran her company.

“In starting Truth, I wanted to create a life for myself that I loved; and what I love doing is designing products” says Renia. “When I started this company, I was not a vegetarian and was not even thinking of pursuing anything along those lines in terms of a market. But the path that I took opened my eyes to many things and over the years and my diet slowly became mostly vegetarian.”

We were lucky enough to try several of the Truth belts. I hadn’t realized that there were belts for children as well as adults, so it was great when some arrived that would fit everyone.

The Gotham

The Gotham belt is nickel-free and the buckle is removable. Plus, it’s very cool looking! It comes in black or brown and is made from Polyurethane.

Eric wanted the Gotham belt and it suits him. He wears it pretty well every day and after awhile he said that the hole he uses on the belt has stretched out some, but otherwise he really likes it. It is fashionable and “cool”.

The Jute

The Jute belt is of course made from Jute! It’s lined with polyurethane and the buckle and eyelets are nickel free!

Mike and I have both used this one. I love the colours and the way it looks, and the natural look really suits me, and works well with some of Mike’s shorts. I would like to get the brown jute belt too because the trim has a red colour that I really like.

truth beltThe I Am

The word “truth” can only be seen when the light hits it at a certain angle. Available in good ol’ black or brown… this belt look great with jeans for both men and women. The material is Polyurethane.

This is Mike’s favourite belt. He loves the buckle. I wasn’t sure about it in the pictures, but once I saw it in person I actually liked it too. It’s nice looking and if you don’t want the buckle on, you can take it off.

The Dexter

This traditional belt has a shiny nickel buckle. The material is Polyurethane.

This is a perfect belt for dressing up. Eric is in a choir and has to dress in a suit, so this was the obvious choice for him. It looks like leather, but of course is not, and it is really sharp looking.

The Waspy

The Waspy is completely adjustable, so will fit any pant that you may have. It has a flat buckle, so you’ll never have to worry about an unwanted bulge at the front of your stomach. It’s made from polyester and elastic, plus it has a slider that allows you to adjust it even more.

I have the blue and gray waspy (shown in the middle) and I love it. I never would have thought I would like an elastic belt, but it is perfect. It adjusts to fit and is easy to buckle. It looks really nice too!

The Seva

The Seva is completely adjustable, so will fit any pant that you may have. It has a flat buckle, so you’ll never have to worry about an unwanted bulge at the front of your stomach. This belt is made from polyester and elastic plus is has a slider that allows you to adjust it even more.

We received the black Seva belt in small, and when adjusted to the smallest it works for Kellen. He really likes it and it looks great on him. We also received a pink elastic belt that I can’t find on the website, but I think it is a child’s belt. It fits Avery and she is super skinny, so it has to be! She really likes it too. I think the elastic belts have won over our family!

I, of course, like Truth Belts because it is a Canadian company, but the belts are not just available in Canada. You can see their online shop and all of the  belts available at VegetarianBelts.com.



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