Month: September 2011

Wordless Wednesday: A unique playground

We pass this playground every day after school, and it’s pretty much a requirement for us to stop and play. Today Kellen was riding his bike on the path and not playing with us, but here’s some pictures of Avery and Griffin at the playground.   The really cool thing about this playground, aside from the super soft and flexible tiles on the ground, is the workout equipment that they provided on the side. I haven’t been brave enough to use it, lol…but I want to someday! I need to find a time when there aren’t preteen boys around...

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The “Aww” Factor

I’ve had an ache for another baby…not of the human variety though…I was thinking more of a fur baby. My allergies prevent me from getting a cat, which is what I would really like, and I don’t want another dog…they are just too much work, especially in the puppy years. Then I realized I just love the “aww” factor. I’ve had one too many trips to the pet store with my kids and I just love seeing the puppies and kittens. So, to feed my appetite for cuteness, here are some of the cutest little babies I could find...

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Win $100 Gift Card from Karen Kane

Karen Kane is a self started women’s apparel company that started in 1979. It is a well respected and recognized name in fashion even today, and Karen’s philosophy toward fashion has held strong throughout all of the changes in the fashion industry. Karen is an active supporter of the LA Children’s Hospital, Cedars Sinai Pediatric AIDS Foundation, and the Santa Barbara Cottage House. Incredibly proud of her alma mater, Karen remains very involved with FIDM and the “Karen Kane Scholarship” allows one student to realize his or her potential each year. A quick look through any of the Karen...

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#RallyforRecess with Danimals

It’s been awhile since I was in public school but I still remember watching the minutes tick away on the clock while I waited for the recess bell. It wasn’t because I didn’t like school, because I was a good student and enjoyed learning, but I also loved the chance to be free of the books and the desk and just hang out with my friends. We may have been talking about our favourite television show that we watched the night before, or gossiping about something that happened with our siblings, or enjoying a quick game of tag…but it...

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Get great lunch ideas and win a Panini Grill #DempstersLunch

Making healthy school lunches that my kids will eat can be a real challenge. My guys can be a little picky too, which adds to the challenge. There are a few things that I feel are important when planning their lunches: Choosing healthy food Providing a variety of choices Ensuring it is garbage free Making sure it is kept at the right temperature It is also important to let your child be involved in choosing what will be in his or her lunch. I find that the more involved they are, the less food comes home at the end...

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