The “Aww” Factor

I’ve had an ache for another baby…not of the human variety though…I was thinking more of a fur baby. My allergies prevent me from getting a cat, which is what I would really like, and I don’t want another dog…they are just too much work, especially in the puppy years. Then I realized I just love the “aww” factor. I’ve had one too many trips to the pet store with my kids and I just love seeing the puppies and kittens. So, to feed my appetite for cuteness, here are some of the cutest little babies I could find online.






It didn’t work…now I want a cat, pig and rabbit. I need to look into allergy shots.


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  1. Lisa @ Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy says

    Got lots of AWs from me. But that one cat is sort of creepy looking to me!! Good luck killing your baby lust. I am having the same problem! But since my lil one isn’t potty trained yet the LAST thing we need is another pet

  2. Dee says

    So cute. Each one I look at I think is the cutest until the next and the next. I especially love that little pitglet.

  3. Hanunyah says

    Cute! There are quite a few little sheep and goats at our ranch right now! (Not to mention the piglets, baby llamas, kittens or bunnies we’ve had, too).

  4. Susan T. says

    There is nothing that makes me happier than baby animals. I have my homepage set to a page devoted to them so they are the first thing I see when I log on!

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